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Here’s the menu at our taproom, updated daily.

Barrel Aged

Dawn Awaits 12.4% ABV 45 IBU
BA Dessert Stout – American single malt whiskey barrel-aged stout infused with decadent dessert ingredients. Evokes a coconut latte at the top of the world.
Softly Falls 12.4% ABV 45 IBU
BA Dessert Stout – American single malt whiskey barrel-aged imperial stout infused with decadent dessert ingredients. Evokes a rich s'more around a campfire.
Skybreak 12.3% ABV 45 IBU
BA Dessert Stout – American single malt whiskey barrel-aged imperial stout infused with decadent dessert ingredients. Evokes a sweet and complex Mayan hot chocolate.

Dalliance Beer Project

0 x{2022} The Fool 4.8% ABV 25 IBU
German-Style Pilsner – An interpretation of what some consider to be the most influential beer style of all time. Brewed with a blend of pilsner malts for a layered and complex, yet crisp and light, malt profile.
Two of Cones 6.8% ABV 50 IBU
West Coast IPA – This beer features Mosaic, Simcoe, and Nelson Sauvin hops, which provide a pronounced bitterness and notes of grapefruit peel and ripe guava.

Fresh Hop


Eastside 6.8% ABV 40 IBU
IPA – Showcasing all we know about making amazing IPA, we hope this beer does our region proud. Brewed with Yakima and Treasure Valley hops, Idaho Pilsner and Palouse Munich malt. Layered, fruity, citrus, mellow bitterness.
Sightglass 5.4% ABV 35 IBU
Hazy Pale – Sessionable Hazy Pale Ale dripping with fresh orange rind and pineapple flavors. This hazy finishes light and fruity, inviting sip after sip.
Lateral A 6.6% ABV 45 IBU
Juicy IPA – A delicious daydream of tangerine and orange creamsicle experimental hop flavor. Lateral A road leads to the heart of the Yakima Valleyx{2019}s hop growing region.
Dry Side Extra 5.4% ABV 40 IBU
Extra Pale Ale – We teamed up with our friends, the Dry Side Supporters, to brew the perfect beer for match day. Hoist a pint of this light, crushable, classic extra pale ale to The Sounders!
Flavor Crystals 6.6% ABV 40 IBU
Hazy IPA – Crack open a geode of delicious hop aromas. Rock tumbled honeydew, peach, and lychee aromas emerge from a soft, pillowy pilsner malt base.
Golden Gal 4.9% ABV 35 IBU
West Coast Pils – Crushable pilsner body with a base of classic, herbal, German hops and a bouquet of tropical & citrusy New Zealand Nectaron and American Simcoe.
Well Armed 8.1% ABV 50 IBU
DDH West Coast IPA – Lurking in the Pacific Northwest, ready to snatch your tastebuds with its powerful grip. Well Armed is our biggest and punchiest Imperial IPA yet!
Whiplash 6.6% ABV 50 IBU
Cold IPA – Whiplash is loaded up with Amarillo, Simcoe, and Chinook, giving it a touch of modern tropical aroma alongside an oldschool grapefruit and pine flavor. Modern style with classic sensibilities.


Adams Pils 4.8% ABV 30 IBU
American Pilsner – Naturally brewed from the finest Northwest malts and Yakima Valley hops, Adams is a refreshing, every-day drinker. Best paired with the great outdoors.
El Chapulx{ed}n 4.2% ABV 15 IBU
Mexican-Style Lager – Named in homage to El Chapulx{ed}n Colorado, the parody superhero who's more agile than a turtle & stronger than a mouse, this Mexican-Style Lager is light, lighthearted and perfect for a hot summer day.
Chela Extra 4.5% ABV 35 IBU
Mexican-Style Pale Ale – Clean, crisp pale ale influenced by Mexican brewing traditions.


Machine Breaker 6.9% ABV 40 IBU
Export Stout – Break out of system, rebel against the machine, drink dark beer all year round! This Export Stout is made to satisfy your desires for roasty chocolate malt flavors.
Family Time 7.4% ABV 35 IBU
Doppelbock – A deep red expression of dark crystal malts with layers of caramel, toffee and chocolate. Share your Family Time as a delicious way to bond, reconnect and negotiate the malty complexity
In Phase 6.1% ABV 40 IBU
Export Stout – Dark like a cloudless sky, roasty and full bodied. Perfect for long nights spent gazing at the stars.


Island Time 6.9% ABV 10 IBU
Fruited Sour – Slow down and relax with this full-bodied sour ale featuring tropical Mango and Guava. It's a trip to the tropics for your taste buds, without all the sunscreen and travel days.
Berry Thief 5.2% ABV 10 IBU
Fruited Sour – An artful and tartful explosion, this fruited sour is loaded with Blackberry and Blackcurrant, giving the beer a red hue and a refreshing, tart bite.

102 N Naches Avenue
Yakima, WA 98901

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